Best Radio Frequency Cautery Treatment in Chennai

Radio Frequency cautery treatment is the best way to use for Wart removal, Skin Tags, keloids, Mole removal , Unwanted hair removal, and sun-induced damages.


♦ The technique is particularly useful for growths and spots on the face since it leaves no scars and the recovery time is short.
♦ Armpits, chest, Neck areas and face often affected by growth on the skin.

RF Cautery Treatment

In the RF Cautery Treatment Technique pass high-frequency radio waves(2mhz-Megahertz) through soft tissue to cut, coagulate or remove the tissue. A doctor uses a handpiece with an active electrode to transmit the radio waves. These waves are concentrated at the needle end or wire loop electrode, resulting in the release of energy, which produces steam within the cells, thus vaporizing them and dividing the tissues.

How many Sessions Required

Usually it gets removed in one session, except keloid which will need more sessions.

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Side Effects

■ Bleeding
■ Infection
■ Scaring
■ Pigmentation


* Minimum heat
* No charring resulting in least tissue damage
* Cutting is optional
* Minimum blood loss
* No pain
* Shock proof
* Local anaesthesia is not required on the surface of the skin or in superficial procedures
* Sparkless procedures
* Pin point cutting capability

Post Treatment Care

► Consult the doctor immediately of the wound becomes painful and red.
► Wash gently with gentle cleanser to clean the face , the scabs will fall off within 1-2 weeks.
► Avoid exposure to Sun
► Take proper care of the treated area until the colour of that area is same as actual skin color.

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