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Causes For Acne and Scar

Normally, dead cells collect in the skin’s pores, then slowly rise to the surface of the openings and eventually fall away from the skin. A natural body oil called sebum helps to prevent skin cells from drying out. The glands that produce this oil are attached to the pores. When excess sebum builds up, it can cause dead cells to stick together, forming a mixture that becomes trapped in the pores. Acne occurs when a pore becomes clogged with dead skin cells, natural body oils, and a type of bacteria. These bacteria live on the skin and are called Propionibacterium acnes. If they enter and infect clogged pores, this causes acne blemishes to form.".

Reason for ACNE SCAR
1. Pimple or ACNE was not treated on time
2. Scratching or squeezing pimple or ACNE
3. Size of Pimple is very big which results in scar after pimple treatment

Symptoms of Acne

Many people think that acne is just pimples. But a person who has acne can have any of these blemishes:

♦ Blackheads

♦ Whiteheads

♦ Papules

♦ Pustules (what many people call pimples)

♦ Cysts

♦ Nodules

♦ Acne can appear on the back, chest, neck, shoulders & upper arms.


Various treatments are now available to deal with the issue and the process can be carried out by skin polishing, laser Acne scar removal treatment, or using chemical peels on the affected area. Although it is not possible to get a complete cure, the appearance of acne scars can be dramatically improved with these treatments. The selection of the type of treatment will depend upon the type and severity of the scar and, of course, the patient's budget as it is also an important deciding factor. Acne scar removal treatment should be done immediately with the best acne treatments to enjoy smooth, clear, and flawless skin.

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How many Sessions Required

Depends upon scar depth and size, 2 to 6 sessions in 3 weeks interval .

Side Effects

- Redness.

- Swelling.

- Itching.

- Skin color change in absents of proper post treatment care.


◘ Scar appearance is reduced.

◘ Skin glow and brightening.

◘ Healthy Skin conditions.

Post Treatment Care

1. Wash your face daily with a mild cleanser to remove extra oil, dead skin cells and dust particles that cause acne.
2. Avoid harsh scrubbing or exfoliation of the skin with cystic acne as it can result in redness and acne breakouts.
3. The best way to prevent acne scar is not to pick pimples when you get them on skin.
4. Treat acne as early as possible to reduce their severity. Opt for any treatment only after the acne heals properly.
5. Remove makeup before going to bed otherwise the makeup particles and dust will clog the pores of your skin.
6. Use sunblock or sunscreen when stepping out in the sun. This will help to avoid pigmentation if you have acne.
7. Follow a nutritious diet that contains legumes, nuts fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and whole grains. After all, your skin is all that you eat.

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