Dermaroller treatment in Chennai to reduce hair fall

Best Dermaroller Treatment in Chennai

Derma roller treatment is very effective to help to repair hair loss, both with and without minoxidil. A derma roller stimulates cell turnover and improving the scalp circulation, which provides a healthiest environment to robust hair growth.


♦ Hair lossing
♦ Patches on scalp
♦ Lossing hair on top of head
♦ Baldness


Dermatologist will use the device slowly over the area horizontally, vertically and then diagonally as per procedure to stimulate the scalp circulation.

How many Sessions Required

4 to 6 weeks interval until the desired result is achieved.

Side Effects

- Mild Pain
- Redness
- Irritation

Best female dermatologist for Derma Roller Hair  Treatment in Madipakkam Chennai

Post Treatment Care

1. Avoid sun exposure
2. Meet the doctor immediately if redness or if it is painful
3. Keep yourself hydrated
4. Hair products and creams has to be started using used after discussing with dermatologist

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