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Causes For Pimple Formation

Pimples develop when sebaceous glands or oil glands become clogged and infected, leading to swollen and red lesions filled with pus. Hormonal changes will occur during puppetry. This can cause the sebaceous glands located at the base of hair follicles, to become overactive. As a result, pimples are most likely to occur during the teenager and around menstruation, for women. Although pimples are related to bacterial infection, they are not contagious. One person cannot catch pimples from another.

Symptoms of Pimples

♦ Excess Oil

♦ Increased Bacteria

♦ Inflammation

♦ Congestion

♦ Hormonal Imbalance


Under Pimple Removal Treatment, Our Best dermatologist in Chennai may prescribe you the most powerful topical retinoid or oral medications after a thorough diagnosis of the root cause of the acne formation. These medications help to get rid of excessive oil from the skin and unclog the blocked pores. Following treatments may be recommended.

• Chemical Peel Treatment
• Intralesional Injections
• Comedone Extraction
• Medications

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How many Sessions Required

3 to 4 Sessions in 2 weeks interval.

Side Effects

Pimple treatments are completely safe, but, there are some possible side effects related to them. However, these risks are quite common and last only for a short time.

-Skin dryness
-Peeling of skin.


Can quickly clear up unsightly, and over time, even help prevent future breakouts when other preventive measures, like proper skin cleaning, are also used.

Post Treatment Care

1. Never pick, squeeze or scratch your acne as it can cause swelling, redness, inflammation, or scarring in the worst scenario.
2. Topical medicines should be always applied to clean and dry skin.
3. Be patient with your pimple treatment and give it some time to work. Apply for the topical medicines daily or as directed by the doctor.
4. Did not stop applying for the medicines when your pimple gets better. Complete the time as directed by your doctor. Always remember that the pimple has got better because of the application of medicine and it may come back if the treatment is not completed.
5. Treat your whole face and not just the spot area as it will help you treat the pimples that are under the skin but not visible.
6. Keep your cell phone always clean as it is a big source of bringing dirt and oil into your skin pores. It may worsen the pimples that are already present on the skin.
7. When treating your pimples, try to avoid exposure to sun rays as it may not help the acne to get better.

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