Best PRP treatment to stop Hair fall and to grow new hair

Best PRP Hairfall Treatment in Chennai

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment, the injected platelets prompt inactive or newly implanted hair follicles to enter an active growth phase, leads the hair to start growing again. PRP is not advised for the person who is underlying disorder for Thyroid/Lupus.


♦ Lossing hair on top of head
♦ Baldness
♦ Hair lossing
♦ Patches on scalp


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is 3step treatment for hair loss procedure:

Step1: Person's blood will be drawn
Step2: Drawn bloos will be processed
Step3: Processed blood will be injected into scalp.

How many Session Required

3 to 4 sessions at the interval of 4weeks

Side Effects

◘ Mild nausea
◘ Dizziness
◘ Redness, Itching, Swelling and/or Soreness that may last from 2-5 days

Best dermatologist for PRP Hair Treatment in Madipakkam Chennai

Post Treatment Care

1. Hair products should not be used for at least 6 hours after your treatment.
2. Saunas, steam rooms, swimming must be avaioded for 2 days after your treatment.
3. Alcohol, Caffeine, and Smoking must be avoided atleast for 3days after treatment.
4. Bood thinning agents such as vitamin E, vitamin A, Ginko, Garlic, Flax, Cod Liver Oil.
5. Essential Fatty Acids must be avoided atleast one week after your treatment.
6. Meet the doctor immediately if pus comes, Redness and if it is painful.
7. Avoid sun exposure and heavy excercise.

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