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How Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal Provides Long-Term Solutions?

How Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal Provides Long-Term Solutions

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Managing excessive facial hair can be challenging. Especially if the hair is on your chin or the upper lip. It can be challenging when you are going to attend a special occasion, an event like a party. Having a little bit of facial hair and pitch fuzz is very normal. Hormonal disorder conditions like hirsutism and PCOS can affect your self-confidence. They can be affected by activating the growth of plump dark hair.   


If you do not Favour or dislike plucking, waxing or shaving, you can go for some long-term procedure. Just like laser hair removal.   


You can destroy excessive hair with laser treatment. The hairs that occur on your chin, upper lips and sideburns. According to various studies, laser therapy assists people in removing unwanted hair. The people who suffer from hirsutism. It proves that laser treatment for facial is an ideal choice for people. The people who undergo a process of gender transitioning. So that they can look more like females.   


Read further. This article is a comprehensive detailed guide about laser therapy for upper lip hair removal. We will also go through its benefits and side effects for mere awareness. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Energy pulses of concentrated light are used in laser hair removal. It is to pass through the treatment area. It is to perform photo thermolysis. This process damages or destroys the follicles of hair on your body. This is to prevent them from growing back more rigorously. Upon reaching the follicles, the laser light beam gets converted into thermal energy. It prevents the ability to regrow the hair. So, after the treatment, the hair that grows on the chin and upper lips looks scanty. Thus, it provides a fantastic look to your face

Reason to Consider Treatment for Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment is very effective for the removal of unwanted hair. Especially on your upper lips and chins. It is very safe to treat facial hairs with laser as it offers long-term results. This procedure for hair removal aims at your facial hair. It is targeted when it is at the anagen phase. It is for the prevention of quick regrowth. During the treatment, the hairs on the chin and upper lip might be in various cycles of hair growth. The dermatologist might suggest a few more sessions for the achievement of long-lasting results.   


At any given time, only one-fifth of your facial hair at the site of treatment will be in the anagen phase. So, you can expect the same percentage or ratio of hair reduction. That too after the first session of your laser therapy. You need to attend around 6 sessions. It is for the achievement of the complete effect of hair reduction. Plus, laser therapy for hair removal is ideal for clients whose facial hairs are thick and dark. It is because laser beams function better on darker-pigmented hair. It also helps in the prevention of ingrown hair growth. It is generally caused either by waxing or shaving.

Advantages of Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Effective and Very Safe

The laser used for the removal of your hair in our clinic comes with cutting-edge technology. It provides to give a safe and effective hair removal treatment on the upper lips. It only focuses on the body part where the issue is. It works on the follicles of hair for the prevention of the regrowth of hair.  

Delivering Long-Lasting Results

When compared to other methods of hair removal, upper lip laser hair removal offers long-lasting results. A maximum number of people experience hair loss within five to eight sessions. Others will experience a serious hair reduction in the affected areas.

High Method of Exactness

The laser beam used in the procedure aims at the hair follicles. The follicles that are area. It targets without affecting the surrounding part of the skin. With high precision, it is applied to your skin. It is to do the work properly. That too without affecting the remaining part of your face. The laser is so sleek-shaped that it can reach the impossible area of your face. Like the upper lips in this case. Thus, it removes the ingrown hairs.

Convenient and Fast

Laser treatment deals with hundreds of follicles of hair. That too in the area of treatment. Each pulse of the laser travels with superb light speed. It travels to reach one follicle in more than one second. Since, in this procedure, there is no downtime. That is why it makes it a convenient choice.  

Time-saving and Affordable

Once the procedure is completed, you will understand how it saved you a lot of money and time. You will compare it with the expenses for buying razors and shaving cream. You will also estimate the time taken for shaving, waxing or plucking. 

Enhanced Texture and Color of the Skin

Repeated activities like shaving and waxing might have caused uneven in the color of your pigmentation and skin. With our laser therapy, we will help you to get rid of these risks. We will help you to receive even-toned skin.  

No Ingrown Hairs and Skin Issues

A major advantage of opting for laser hair removal treatment is it has less chance for skin diseases. Skin diseases such as inflammation of hair follicles or folliculitis. Along with that, the chances for the development of ingrown hairs between your sessions are less. It is due to the fine growth of the hair or sparse.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: Pros and Cons

The result provided is long-lasting.
Compared to other methods, it is high cost at the initial stage.
Reduces growth of hair over time.
Temporary swelling, redness and discomfort.
Saves money and time in the in the end.
To get the best results, multiple sessions are required.
Smoother skin without ingrown hairs or stubble.
Risk of hyperpigmentation or burns. Especially for the darker type of skin.
It is less painful compared to waxing. That took over the time.
Rare side effects might occur. The side effects are scarring or blistering.

What to Expect Before, During and After the Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Before the Treatment

During the Procedure of Hair Removal Treatment

After the Treatment

Side Effects and Deliberations

Here are some common side effects that might occur during or after laser hair removal treatment: 


At times, the laser hair removal procedure might make your skin look reddish. It can also make your skin inflamed for a couple of days after the session. Our dermatologist, Dr T. Chithra, will advise you to apply sunscreen to protect your skin. The sunscreen also helps to hydrate your skin.  


To manage the redness and swelling, you can apply cold compress and ice packs. To prevent yourself from developing any serious side effects, you are advised to use sunscreen until the next session. To protect yourself from any adverse effects, after the laser session, avoid applying waxing to your skin.  


For further consultation and enquiries about our treatments, reach out to us at Sky Skin and Laser Clinic. We are a service provider of skin and beauty treatment in Chennai. We aim to provide rejuvenated and healthy skin for the people of our city.

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