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Choosing the Right Dermatologist for Permanent Hair Removal: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Right Dermatologist for Permanent Hair Removal_ Factors to Consider

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Unwanted hair on your body might lead to cosmetic problems. It can also cause an underlying disorder sign. Laser treatments are a safe, quick, and long-lasting solution for addressing these skin issues. There are many procedures available for the removal of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal treatment is the most popular and demanding. Yet the success and safety of the treatment depend on the skill and professionalism of the professionals and the clinic.  


 In this article, we will discuss some more details about permanent hair reduction through laser treatment. We will also discuss through this blog the factors and reasons to hire the right dermatologist for this treatment.

Steps to Find the Right Dermatologist

The success of any medical procedure depends entirely on the dermatologist. The same can apply truly to skincare solutions. Hence, getting the best possible dermatologist for the procedure of your skin is very much crucial.   


Mentioned below are some of the parameters. It is a mere suggestion to check for it. So that you can get a clear idea about the treatment.

Type of Dermatologist Needed by You

It is very crucial for you to understand the type of dermatologist needed by you. Some dermatologists are experts in some areas. So, you must choose a dermatologist who is an expert in dealing with a particular skin concern.

Finance and Insurance

Understanding the options of finance and insurance is crucial when you are hiring a dermatologist. Check with your insurance company whether they cover any specific clinics. That too under policy. It is applicable if the skin issue is covered under the insurance of the patient. Also, whether the clinic offers any finance option or not. It is an important thing to consider because your dermatologist offers treatment, and it does not suit your bill. 


A friend or a relative would be the right person to tell you about a good dermatologist. Especially if any of them has undergone some treatment with the right professional. You can discuss this with the clinic and its dermatologist. You can check and then assure yourself whether it is exactly what you are looking for. Referrals are one of the strongest sources that you can consider.

Check the Credentials of the Dermatologist

In today’s world which is connected socially, all the clinics have a social media presence. They are even present in Google Maps. You can also check for any apps that are doctor-specific or that are related to healthcare. From the app, you can get detailed information about a dermatologist. You can also check his/her appointment dates and availability.  

Experienced Dermatologis

Expertise comes with experience. The same concept applies to the dermatologist. You must check for a dermatologist who has years of experience. Especially if you are seeking a skincare solution like permanent hair removal, which is highly skilled. 

Gender of the Dermatologist

You can also check the gender of the dermatologist. This is because some people might have problems if the dermatologist is of the opposite gender. For instance, a female patient would not like a male dermatologist. She would prefer her treatment should be undertaken by a female dermatologist. 

Clinic’s Quality

Any clinic receives a reputation and brand based on service quality. That is why you will see a clinic filled with patients. While some clinics have only a few patients. Hence it is always necessary to choose a clinic that has quality. That too in terms and services.

Hassle-free Appointments

However, it is crucial to visit a reputable clinic like Sky Skin and Laser Clinic in Chennai. The clinic will have a fair rush. That is too in terms of appointments. It is an unrushed procedure. Our dermatologist does not undergo the treatment in a hurry. It is because it would create an impact on the result. Which you might accomplish after the procedure. 

Zero Sales Pitch

A clinic and the dermatologist need to feel genuine. It should not be felt like they are being too pushy. Make sure that they do not sell you any unnecessary things. Hence, these types of dermatologists and clinics should be avoided.

Clinic Facilities

You have a specific skincare issue. You think that it needs leading medical technology. Then you can check with the dermatologist and his/her clinic. Make sure that they have the proper tools and expertise to operate it. 

Approach of a Dermatologist

You should feel comfortable with a dermatologist while you are in a discussion. So, the dermatologist needs to be a good listener. He/she should possess a pleasing personality overall. It will help to create a strong trust and relationship with the dermatologist.  

Ratings of the Patients

You should also check the ratings and reviews given by the previous former patients of the dermatologist. You can check the ratings and remarks on Google business and Maps. You can also check the ratings and reviews on social media. You can learn a lot from the dermatologist by reading a comment.

Terms of Payments

It is a very personal and common thing. However, it is necessary to know the payment terms of a clinic. Some clinics charge the full amount upfront. While some half before and the other half after the treatment. Check the options of the clinic. Make sure it suits your bills. 

Clinic’s Location

It is another one of the most crucial factors that need full consideration. You come to know of a reputable clinic. But it is comparatively far from your home. Then it is an issue for you. Especially if you are looking for a long-term skin solution. Also, you need multiple seats. We have also mentioned previously in our previous blogs that to opt for permanent facial hair removal, it is best to avoid long exposure to the sun both before and after the procedure. It is better to go to a professional and well-known clinic, but it is better for you if it is closer to your home.

Complete Timely Care

Some skincare issues might require the dermatologist and the clinic to be present at the time of call. That too at any point of time, either day or night. And if any complications might arise post-treatment. Or after the procedure is completely done. Which is not completed properly. Hence check for the clinic’s time availability. Make sure they at least have a 24/7 emergency number.

Reason for Choosing a Certified Dermatologist from our Clinic

The results after the hair removal procedure depend on professional skills. At Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, we have a team of expert beauty professionals. Our dermatologist Dr. T. Chithra is a professional dermatologist at our clinic. She has years of experience in Chennai, India. She is an expert in mole and wart removal, clinical dermatology, laser hair procedures, and pigmentation treatments for pimples, acne, and scars.  


A medical procedure can be discouraging. Having the right dermatologist and a clinic with caring and friendly staff is required. It can result in an effortless and smooth procedure. Hence, it is crucial for you that you invest your time and money in the right dermatologist. A perfect dermatologist will listen to you when you address your skin concerns.  


Here are some reasons for choosing us in your hair removal journey:

If we are a part of your laser hair removal journey, we assure you of guaranteed satisfaction. We can also make your overall cost of skincare manageable.


Undoubtedly laser hair removal is one of the most effective and desirable procedures for removing unwanted hair from the body. The results of the procedures are immediate. It is long-lasting as well. It also covers the vast areas of the body that are affected. That too at once. Various types of laser treatments are available in our reputable clinic in Chennai, Sky Skin and Laser Clinic. They are available to make it safe for all types of skin. Good preparation for pretreatment. Along with aftercare helps in avoiding complications. Thus, it promotes fast recovery. The most important thing is trusting a certified dermatologist like Dr. Chithra can provide you with a well-performed procedure. We ensure to deliver fabulous outcomes as well.

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Dr.T.Chithra M.B.B.S., D.D.V.L.,

With over 12 years of expertise, Dr. Chithra, M.B.B.S., D.D.V.L., honed her dermatology skills at Madras Medical College, attending 100-200 patients daily. Her experience and expert skills in dermatology & cosmetology makes Sky Skin & Laser clinic Chennai as go-to place for comprehensive skin and hair care

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