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Understanding Chemical Peels: What You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

Understanding Chemical Peels: What You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

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In the chemical peel, a solution of chemicals is used. The chemical solutions are used in the removal of skin layers. It helps in revealing your youthful skin from within. Chemical peels can alleviate wrinkles or fine lines. They can also improve uneven skin color. It also enhances other skin imperfections. It also reduces scars and acne. Different chemicals control the depth of the peel. Along with the type of skin condition to be treated. In this article, we will discuss a comprehensive guide on the treatment of chemical peeling 

Chemical Peel: Concept and Definition

It is also known as derma peeling and chemexfoliation. It uses a chemical solution to improve your skin’s appearance. In this treatment, a solution of chemicals is applied to the skin. It causes injury or trauma to the layer of skin. The skin layers get peeled off finally. It results in revealing more youthful skin. The new skin is much smoother. It will have fewer wrinkles and finer lines. It has a brighter complexion. It also has more even colors.

Conditions for the Treatment of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used for the treatment of certain conditions of your skin. It also helps to improve your skin appearance. It is done by enhancing its texture and tone.  


Chemicals peels are mostly performed in any one of the following. It can also be performed in some. Or in all of them:  

They can help to improve or reduce:  

Determine the depth of your peel by consulting with an experienced and professional dermatologist. That too from a renowned skin and beauty clinic offering a reliable chemical peel treatment in Chennai.  


After having consulted with her, your treatment might vary. It might depend on the condition of your skin. It can also depend on the objectives of the treatment.

Chemical peels do not respond to the following issues:  

If you have any of the above issues, we also have many other treatments like pigmentation, Botox, and skin rejuvenation treatments.  


A qualified and experienced dermatologist will help you determine the best treatment for your issue.  

Whether Chemical Peel is Appropriate for Every Skin Type

Superficial peels can be used on all types of skin. You will have a higher risk of skin darkening. It will happen after the treatment. Only if your skin tone is darker. This condition is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You can consult with our dermatologist if your skin tone is naturally darker.  


Chemical peeling is not recommended if you have the following type of skin:  

Why Should Chemical Peeling Treatment Be Done in a Clinic and Not at Home?

As already discussed in the previous section, chemical peeling is not for everyone. So, opting for this treatment can cause you harm in the following ways:  


The concentration of acids in the treatment might not suit all types of skin. Using chemical peels at home can cause chemical burns. This is due to the higher acid concentration. These burns may lead to marks and hyperpigmentation. It will require extra treatment. So due to these various reasons, the chemical peel is not recommended to be performed at home. It is advisable to have a consultation with a doctor or dermatologist. You can also visit our clinic for further consultation.

Procedural Details about Chemical Peel

As already mentioned, it is best recommended that chemical peeling be performed in a reputable clinic only. So, we will also share how the procedure will take place.  


Your skin will be cleaned thoroughly to remove excessive oil. Your eyes and hair are protected. A chemical solution is applied to your skin after that.  


The chemical solution types that are used are: 

The different types of chemicals can cause injuries. It can be controlled. Each penetrates through the different depths of the skin. Then peel it away to reveal a new skin layer.  


Different results are provided by different solutions of the chemicals. The choice of chemical depends on your requirements. Work with our dermatologist to determine the depth of the peel.  


Before you go for chemical peeling, here are some instructions to follow:  

Don’t worry! Our dermatologist will provide you with instructions. They are specifically for your type of peel. And, for the unique condition of your skin. 

During the day of peeling:

Your skin will be cleaned thoroughly.

The Procedure:

A solution is applied to your skin during the chemical peeling procedure. You might feel a warm sensation. It will last for a few minutes. It will be followed by a stinging sensation. A cool compress might be applied to the skin. This is to get relief from the sting. The chemical is then neutralized or washed off.  

Advantages of Chemical Peeling

Advantages of Chemical Peeling

Common Post-Treatment Care of Chemical Peels

Psot-treatment care is important to decrease the possible side effects. It is also important for optimizing the results. Hence, post-treatment care is crucial to combat these side effects and withhold the results.  


Here are some common practices in post-treatment care that need to be followed:  

Why should you Choose Sky Skin and Laser Clinic for Chemical Peel Treatment?

If you are looking forward to undergoing a chemical peel treatment in Chennai. Sky Skin and Laser Clinic is the right place for you. Before going forward with the treatment, we will sit and discuss your problems with you. If you are having any sort of medical issue where this treatment might hamper your health, we will come up with an alternative solution. You will receive full treatment and solutions as you receive from the clinic normally.


This article is hopefully helpful to you. It covered some details and aspects of the chemical peeling treatment for the face. And, for some of your body parts, we would recommend that, before opting for any treatment for any skin or dermal issue, you visit our skin and laser clinic. You can consult with our dermatologist, Dr. Chithra. She is an expert in clinical dermatology, laser hair procedures, wart and mole removal, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, and many other treatments.

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