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Causes of Acne Scars

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Acne is normally a transient issue, but acne scars can last a lifetime. Scars are a normal component of the skin’s healing process after it has been damaged by a wound or accident, no matter how unpleasant they are.

The majority of minor wounds heal without leaving scars. Scars appear on the skin when the dermis is injured. Find out what Causes of Acne Scars and how to avoid them.

An inflammatory lesion, such as a papule, pustule, or cyst, is the most common causes of acne scars. Excess oil, dead skin cells, and germs clog the follicle, or pore, resulting in inflamed blemishes. The pore swells, creating a follicular wall breach.

The lesion is usually small and heals rapidly if the rupture occurs near the skin’s surface. When there is a deep rupture in the follicular wall, more serious lesions develop. Infected material leaks into the dermis, causing healthy skin tissue to be destroyed.

Acne Scars Types

The body sometimes manufactures too much collagen when the lesion heals, resulting in a mass of elevated tissue on the skin’s surface. Hypertrophic, or keloid, scarring is the term for this type of scarring.

Acne scars are more typically atrophic or depressed scars. When there is a loss of tissue, atrophic scars form. Atrophic scars include ice pick scars and boxcar scars.

Prevents of Acne Scars

Acne should be treated as soon as it appears

Getting acne under control as soon as possible is the finest thing you can do. Start treating it right away, and if your acne doesn’t improve with over-the-counter acne remedies, contact your doctor straight away.

Treatment as soon as possible helps to keep outbreaks to a minimum and prevents acne from progressing to a more serious stage. Scarring can be avoided by avoiding pimples.

Reduce Inflammation

Large, inflammatory acne blemishes are far more likely than non-inflamed outbreaks and blackheads to produce scars. The goal should always be to reduce inflammation and avoid doing something that irritates your skin even more. Scrubbing too hard or using harsh skincare products must be avoided.

Don't Squeeze, Pop, or Pick at Pimples

Resist the urge to pluck or pinch a pimple. This can push debris further into the dermis, causing infection to spread to other tissues and exacerbating inflammation. This is especially true for blemishes that are deep and dangerous, such as nodules and cysts.

Don't Pick at Scabs

Picking at scabs is likewise not a good idea. Scabs are the skin’s natural “bandage,” protecting the wound while it heals. Picking a scab from a wound before it is fully healed delays healing and increases the risk of scarring.

Know If You Are Prone to Scarring

The truth is that some people are more prone to scarring than others, and some people can get through a case of severe acne with no visible scars. If you’re prone to scarring, make an appointment with a dermatologist straight away to talk about your acne treatment choices.

Deep Breakouts or Cysts Healthcare Provider

Smaller blemishes can still scar the skin, but it’s the huge ones that inflict the most damage. Deep nodular or cystic breakouts are more likely to harm skin tissue and produce scars because they reach deeper into the skin.

These sorts of outbreaks will not respond to over-the-counter acne treatments. Schedule a consultation with a dermatologist. Treatment that is quick and effective can help reduce the risk of acquiring deep scars.


Despite your best efforts, you may still get scarring. Scar treatments are available to help reduce the look of scarring. Please don't be afraid to speak with your healthcare practitioner. He or she will be able to clarify your therapy options to you.Quality and result oriented Pimple treatment offered for Acne scar treatment at Sky Skin and Laser Clinic.

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