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Expert Guidance: Why Dermatologist-Administered Skin Whitening Facials Are Essential?

Expert Guidance Why Dermatologist-Administered Skin Whitening Facials Are Essential

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Skin whitening facial treatments are a type of cosmetic procedure. It is to lighten the complexion of your body. In this procedure, chemicals are applied to the skin. It is to make your skin lighter or uniformly colored. The informative color is done by decreasing the level of melanin.   


According to research, many substances can make your skin lighter. That is too effective. Moles and other areas of hyper-pigmentation can be lightened or removed. It is done to match the surroundings of the skin.  


Tretinoin, corticosteroids and hydroquinone are some of the effective treatments. These are for conditions.   


Skin whiteners can help you to provide lighter skin. They are easily available in the market. But still, most of them contain harmful substances. They might contain inorganic mercury, clobetasol propionate, antioxidant glutathione, and other organic compounds like hydroquinone.  


Hence, using a skin whitening treatment is better than using toxic compounds of chemicals. It can cause reactions to your body. It is used to decrease the appearance of birthmarks. It is also used in other discolouration issues. For instance, melasma. Methods of skin lightening, or skin-whitening work by decreasing the synthesis of melanin in the skin. It is because the melanin pigment provides a darker color to the skin. Especially when it is in huge concentrations.   


In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide about skin whitening facial, their benefits, types and usage.

Types of Skin Lightening Treatments on Dermatologists’ Recommendations 

Lotions and Topical Creams

Many prescriptive or non-prescriptive lotions and creams consist of certain ingredients. They are namely glycolic acid, hydroquinone, kojic acid, licorice, arbutin, azelaic acid, botanical extracts and retinoids. They help to lighten your skin. These skin whitening products are applied to the skin directly. It works by inhibiting the production of melanin. The inhibition is through many pathways. A dermatologist, who is certified, will suggest these creams. They will suggest based on the tone and skin type. It is to ensure that they are safe and appropriate. It is according to the concerns of your skin.

Chemical Peels

It involves the application of chemicals to your skin. The solution creates exfoliation to the outer layer. Hence it decreases dark spots. It promotes lighter and new skin. It helps in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. It also helps in discolouration of skin and acne scars. Chemical peel treatment involves applying a chemical agent to your body. It removes the outer layer that is damaged. It is removed by exfoliating it. It is followed by regenerating new dermal and epidermal tissue. It is regenerated with improved tone and texture of the skin. It is important that these treatments need to be done by trained professionals. It is because of the complicated risks. 

Laser Therapy

Laser treatments for skin lightening or whitening consist of using specific wavelengths of light. Breaking down of melanin is also involved. This process helps in the reduction of the irregularities of the pigmentations. Q-Switch lasers are used in these treatments most of the time. Multiple sessions are required in the laser therapy. It is to receive the desired lasers. It is done by professionals. Fractional layers also play an important function in the rejuvenation of the skin. 


It is a non-invasive procedure. A hand-held device is used in this procedure. It is used to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin with it. This process helps in the removal of dead skin cells. It helps to reveal brighter and fresher skin. It is used mostly in the treatment of uneven tone of the skin. Scars, such as acne scars and melasma are also treated. 

Injections and Oral

There are several oral skin whitening agents. They are namely tranexamic acid, glutathione, intravenous injections of antioxidants, and pine bark. They are suitable for all types of skin. It helps in achieving healthier and brighter skin. It not only offers the effects of skin whitening. It also helps to fight concerns about skin ageing. Dull skin, age spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation are also included. GFC and PRP treatments also help in anti-ageing and rejuvenation.


They are medical-grade facials done by the dermatologist in their clinics. These treatments are designed specifically for treating certain disorders or conditions of the skin. It is safe for all types of skin. Customized Medi facials are suggested based on certain concerns of the skin. It is done by using techniques and advanced devices. They are hydra facials, Derma clear and many others. Medi-facials help in the treatment of issues of pigmentation. It also helps to treat aging signs and damage caused by the sun.

How is Facial Treatment Beneficial as a Summer Skincare?

Adaptive Care for the Specific Issues of the Skin

Professional dermatologists tailor the plans for each treatment of the patients. It is to address specific concerns and types of skin. Whether it is treating the acne cause underlying or acne facial treatment trial. It should be the first step to be taken by anyone. Especially, if one experiences outbreaks of acne.

Experts’ Help

An expert skincare clinic specializing in skin fairness recognizes their patients’ skin. The dermatologist of the clinic will advise their patients to use the best treatment. The treatment will restore the vitality, glow and youthfulness of their skin. You can also pack the top items for the various issues of their skin. Issues such as tanning, tension, dryness and ageing.  

Advanced Innovation

Modern Technologies have made it possible to accomplish any task. Laser technology is also an effective and safe method. Method of treatment that will provide desired results. Professional skin specialists like Dr Chithra recommend that it can be used on any type of skin. However, it can be used only after a consultation session.

Obtained Easily within the Budget

The accessibility and convenience of skin care services and products are what come to mind. It comes to mind typically at first. They assure us it will not happen in the future. It is after having paid the price. The good news is that modern skincare procedures are available widely. They are available at an affordable price. It allows anyone to feel and look at their best.   


Along with the above points, there are also many other advantages of facials for skin whitening: –

Benefits that you will get from our Skin Whitening Treatment

Advanced skin whitening or brightening treatment can be the solution for the improvement of your complexion. And, to achieve a youthful glow of your skin. This type of treatment can help in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It provides protection and hydration from environmental damage. Here are some advantages that you can get for opting for skin-lightening facial treatment from our professional skin clinic in Chennai, Sky Skin and Laser Clinic.

Promise to Look Less Prominent of the Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Our advanced skin whitening procedures help to decrease wrinkles and fine lines. It is by the promotion of generating collagen. And, by increasing the turnover of the cell. It results in a thicker and more youthful complexion of your skin. 

Fading of Age Spots

Advanced procedures of skin whitening can treat spots of ageing. These are the common symptoms of ageing. This procedure can assist in diminishing the age spots. It is done by whitening the cells that are pigmented. It is also done by balancing the tone of your skin.  

Makes Wrinkles and Fine Lines Less Noticeable

Dry Skin can result in premature ageing. It is one of the common issues. Advanced skin whitening treatments can help to hydrate skin. It is by supplying the important nutrients deep into the dermis. This keeps your skin looking supple and vibrant.

How do our Advanced Skin Whitening Facial Treatments work?

There are several ways that an advanced skin whitening treatment can assist you in the improvement of your complexion. With effective treatment from our reputed clinic of Chennai, Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, UV damage, age spots and other pigmentations will be less prominent.   


In another way, these treatments can work by the encouragement of cell towers. In this process, we do our best by working hard with dead skin cells. It helps to reveal new skin. It helps in the improvement of the texture and tone of the complexion.  


Protein collagen is required to keep your skin plumpy and smooth. Our advanced skin whitening facials and treatment procedures will help you. We will help you to increase the level of collagen inside your body. Our procedural treatments can also help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also through elevating the level of collagen in your body. 


Opting for advanced skin whitening treatment in Chennai can be the key to achievement. It is where you can achieve a healthy, glowing and radiant complexion. If you use our facial methods properly, you can receive many benefits from our expert professionals. Our highly qualified dermatologist, Dr. Chithra will help you to receive flawless and rejuvenated skin through her expert consultations and treatments.

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