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Why Bridal Treatments Should Start with a Dermatologist?

Why Bridal Treatments Should Start with a Dermatologist

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A wedding day is the most memorable and eventful day in the life of a woman. So, every bride needs to look special on that day. It is because she is the main center of attraction for the occasion. She needs to look special because it is her day. She requires attire and looks that will be more elegant than other ladies at that event. Due to this reason, some brides visit the gym pre-wedding. This is to tone up. They also look for a healthy glow on their face and skin.   


In this article, we will share some tips that you might need for your pre-bridal treatment. Also, we will share with you the reason why you need to check with a dermatologist. As a presenter of this blog, we all know that all brides deserve some pre-wedding beauty treat. It also includes following a strict diet, beauty and fitness regime.

Reasons to opt for Pre-Bridal Treatments provided by Sky Skin and Laser Clinic

As your special day approaches, you might be considering some enhancements to your looks. In other words, you might be looking for a beauty treatment. A treatment for achieving that radiant glow for a bride. With flawless makeup and a perfect wedding dress will amplify your appearance. Along with that, an elegant-looking hairstyle for sure. The initial stage for an attractive bridal glow starts with your skin. This is where a dermatologist like Dr Chithra Thenramasamy from Sky Skin and Laser Clinic will be at your aid.


Here are the reasons why bridal treatment at a dermatologist is crucial for your pre-wedding beauty treatment routine:  

Personalized Regimen for Skincare

You have unique skin. Hence its needs are unique too. Our dermatologist will assess the texture and type of your skin. She will also assess whether you have any (pre-)existing concerns like acne, fine lines, scars or pigmentations. By evaluating all these, she can provide a personalized regimen for skincare. The skin care regimen that is tailored to address the specific concern of your skin. You can enhance your overall skin appearance. It is by the adoption of a skincare routine consistently. It will provide you with the proper material. A material for the application of bridal makeup.

Blemish and Acne Treatment

Breakouts of acne can be frustrating. Especially if it occurs right before your grand day. Our dermatologist can recommend some oral or topical medications. It will also help you to prevent acne breakouts. With will also be helpful in future purposes. She might recommend some treatments from the clinic like laser therapy or chemical peels. The treatments will help in the reduction of blemishes and acne scars. Thus, it will help you in providing a smoother complexion.

Rejuvenation of Skin

Our dermatologist might offer a few skin rejuvenation treatments. This is for the achievement of a glowing and younger complexion. Procedures like dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and chemical peels can enhance skin radiance. Along with that it will also improve the texture of the skin and reduce fine lines. Dr. Chithra can also recommend some non-invasive procedures. It can be dermal fillers or laser treatment. It is for addressing specific skin concerns. Thus, helping you in achieving a rejuvenated and fresher look

Addressing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation like sunspots or melasma can be distressing. It is particularly true when you want to look the best for your wedding. Our dermatologist will prescribe topical treatments. They are effective for lighting dark spots. It will prevent us from getting into a worse stage. Along with that, she might recommend using a broad spectrum of sunscreen. It is for the protection of your skin from further damage caused by Ultraviolet (UV) Rays.  

Bridal Preparation for Particular concern of your Skin

You might have concerns about your skin. It can be eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. Our dermatologist will take customized care addressing these concerns. She will manage these conditions before your special day arrives. He will work with you on developing a treatment plan. It is for keeping flare-ups at bay. It is also to ensure that your skin is calm. Hence, she will make sure that you are comfortable on your wedding day

Stress Management

Wedding planning can surely be very stressful. And stress can cause harm to your skin. Our dermatologist can also provide suggestions on techniques of stress management. She might suggest using skincare products to reduce stress. She also might suggest opting for a treatment that will help you provide a healthy complexion.

Helping to Set a Realistic Goals

During the beauty treatments before wedding days, some brides tend to go overboard. They get exaggerated with the kind of treatments they can receive. Going overboard with so many procedures will not benefit you. It will harm you more. Especially if the time is short. Our dermatologist will help you to set goals. The goals are realistic with your schedule for the big day. For instance, you want to control acne when there are a few weeks left for the wedding. In that case, you can opt for an anti-pigmentation procedure about a month before the day of the wedding.

Providing you with a Patch Test

Our dermatologist can help you by providing a patch test. Especially if you are looking forward to adding ingredients to your schedule. That was also for the first time. A patch test will help in the determination process. It is for determining whether an exfoliator would be suitable for your skin or not. Exfoliators like skin-sensitive retinoids and AHAs. A proper patch test will help you to ensure. It will ensure that your skin is not reacting to the new product. That is also around two days before the wedding day. 

Recommending the right Products for your skin Concerns and its Types

You are already not following a proper routine tailoring to the type of your skin. We would recommend you consult our dermatologist at least once. And as soon as you can. Using the wrong products for your skin concerns and types will not give you the desired outcome. It will result in much worse results. You should only opt for a dermato-approved day and nighttime skincare routine. It will help you to flaunt your skin on your wedding day.  

Recommending some SOS solutions

In the weeks before your big day, your skin can act up due to stress. It can also act up due to a new skincare routine or a lifestyle change suddenly. In case there is any emergency, our dermatologist can suggest some SOS solutions. It is for nipping the issue in the bud. It is especially helpful if your skin is acne prone. Or your skin is sensitive which is more prone to breakouts and inflammation.  

Planning your Clinical Procedure

You might be thinking about which is the best pre-wedding beauty treatment for you. This thought is circling your brain. Do not trust all kinds of advertisements. Instead, believe in us and sit with our dermatologist. We will plan and discuss your clinical procedures before your wedding. Sometimes, you might not require any intervention from any clinic. But our dermatologist will help you in improving your daily routine. The daily routine will help you maintain glowing and healthy skin instead.

Some best Pre-Bridal Treatments Recommended by us


Your wedding day is a celebration of happiness and love. Feeling confident in your skin is a crucial part of this pre-wedding experience. You can address any of your skin concerns by getting in touch with our highly qualified and professional dermatologist, Dr Chithra. By consulting with her, you can receive customized recommendations. It is for achieving a flawless and radiant look on your big day. Her expertise can create differences in making you feel and look the best. From a customized treatment to a skincare routine tailored to your requirements, she will help you in every way. Remember to start your consultations in advance before the day of the wedding. At Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, we ensure you have plenty of time to achieve the desired results. We will help you to turn you into the glowing bride you dreamt of

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