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Battling Pigmentation Woes: How Facial Treatments Can Transform Your Skin?

Battling Pigmentation Woes_ How Facial Treatments Can Transform Your Skin

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You might have noticed little areas or dark patches appearing on your skin. It comes along with the discolouration of your face. You will see these if you look at yourself closely in the mirror. Though freckles can also be considered, these brown or dark grey patches are larger. They come with uneven skin colour. They will be frequent on your neck and face. Facial pigmentation, along with spots of a brownish colour, is caused by the sun. Exposure to the sun continuously can lead to pigmentation by its UV (ultraviolet) rays. The issue with the skin can affect your appearance. It might be an indication of basic issues of health.  


Identifying the reason behind the pigmentation of your skin can help us identify the exact solution. Solution for optimizing the health of your skin. Along with that, it increases confidence.  


This article is a complete guide to the pigmentation of your skin and the reasons behind it. It also covers how to deal with these pigmentation issues. We will also know whether there is any treatment or facial for pigmentation.


What is facial pigmentation?

Pigmentation on your face can occur due to small, dark patches. It occurs mainly around the lips or across the neck. It can also occur below your eyes or on the forehead. It is a regular issue with your skin. It makes your skin look gloomy. It sometimes occurs in groups. Facial pigmentation is generally caused when melanin is excessive. Genetics and exposure to the sun can make its appearance worse. It can lead to patchy, dark patches. They also look uneven. It can be unsightly.

Types of Pigmentation on the Face

Pigmentation is a common concern. Just check which of the following pigmentation types is a concern for you: 


It is a type of pigmentation caused by UV-ray exposure. It happens with the production of excessive melanin inside your skin. It occurs on your face if exposed to sunlight continuously. Genetics are also crucial. It influences the development of freckles with age. If your skin is susceptible to sun damage, more melanin will be released for skin protection. It causes damage to the DNA inside the melanocyte. It causes the development of ephelides. It is also known as freckling pigmentation. 


This type of pigmentation is generally caused by hormone fluctuations. About 30% of women possess this disposition genetically. It makes their skin produce excessive hormones. The extra hormones are responsible for producing melanin pigment. The causes are:

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

It is caused by the excessive of melanin production. It can also occur by the deposition of high amounts of melanin. In the dermis and epidermis layers. Trauma, inflammation, or injury can be the cause of it. Any of the three in the epidermis layer ignites the melanocytes. It is to raise the synthesis of melanin. It helps in the transfer of pigment around the keratinocytes. PHIP is found in darker skin tones. It depends on a scale called the Fitzpatrick scale. The pigmentation is brown due to the melanin present in it. 

Solar Lentigo

It is commonly called silver spots or aging. It is a dark but harmless patch on your facial skin. It is characterized by solar lentigo. It is caused by excessive exposure to the UV rays of the sun. It triggers melanocytes. It is to accumulate and increase melanin. That is inside the cells of keratinocytes. These age spots start developing gradually once you turn 40. It can be identified by:  

Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)

It can be identified by its patches of colors like red, pink, or purple. It occurs on the facial skin. The place where acne inflammation would have stopped the flow of blood. This type of facial pigmentation is generally found in acne-prone people. Also, the ones with lighter skin tones are based on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Common Reasons for Pigmentation

You must identify the special pigmentation type. For that, you must identify possible factors. Especially those that trigger the factors of skin issues. Some of these causes or reasons are:

Exposing to the sun for a long

You expose your skin to the sun for a very long time. It can have damaging effects on the health of your skin. To fight these effects, your skin produces extra melanin. It is done by stimulating melanocytes. It causes pigmentation on the face. They might be in the form of sunspots or patches.

Hormonal Changes

Fluctuations in specific hormones in the body. It is a major cause of pigmentation on the face. It mainly occurs during puberty or pregnancy. Consuming contraceptive pills can lead to hormonal changes. It can ruin the skin. Thus, leading to the production of melanin. Such hormonal balance disturbances will lead to hyperpigmentation. Just like melasma. It features patches on the skin. They are generally brown or grey colored.


Melanin pigment production ability is lost with age. The number of melanocytes decreases. Exposing yourself to the sun can cause dark spot development. It can also cause brown spots. It occurs as your skin loses power. The power to fight UV ray damage. As your skin looks thinner and paler as you age, dark spot pigmentation will surface on your neck. It can also occur on your face. Especially if you get exposed to direct sunlight. The pigmented spots or patches on your facial skin are called solar lentigos.

Basic Medical Condition Symptoms

Facial pigmentation can be a symptom of a basic medical condition. The pigmentation caused by these medical conditions will not just occur on your face or neck. But it will also spread to your knees, elbows, or toes. 

Harmful diets

Pigmentation on your face can also be caused by your erratic eating habits. Sugary foods have a high glycemic index. It can be a major cause of hyperpigmentation. Collagen is deconstructed by sugar. It is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Thus, making your skin beautiful and graceful. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by:  

Role of Drugs

There are some medications and drugs that cause hyperpigmentation on the face. They are as follows:

These drugs can cause a reaction. It can also cause side effects by causing pigmentation. Or maybe discoloration on the skin as patches.

Excessive Use of Skin Products with Harmful Chemicals

Skin care products or toxic chemicals might contain toxic chemicals. It might affect the melanin makeup of your skin. The makeup is natural. Waxing strips or hair removal creams can cause PIH. 

Breakouts of acne

It is one of the most common culprits of facial pigmentation. After your acne is dried, it can leave some dark spots or marks on your skin. It can also lead to PIH. Your skin will release more melanin to defend against these infections. It can further cause dark patches of pigmentation.

Role of Environmental and Genetic Factors on Face Pigmentations

According to several studies, over 100 genes have an important role in many processes. The processes are as follows:  

Many genes are responsible for the polygenic features of the pigmentation of the skin. While others help influence the traits and height of an individual. If your parents have facial pigmentation, you will get it too.  


Melanin has phytochemicals. It helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV-ray radiation. Too much UV ray exposure can cause damage to proteins, salts, and nucleic acids. It can harm your skin health. People with lighter skin tones have higher levels of vitamin D3. It is compared to that of a darker skin tone. So, the important role of melanin is to improve the photoprotection of your skin. It also decreases the risk of photoaging and photocarcinogens. Environmental factors like sunlight and UV radiation will cause skin pigmentation. It will further damage your skin.

Laser Treatment for Skin Pigmentation

Laser treatment for skin pigmentation is an advanced treatment in Chennai that you can get from us, Sky Skin and Laser Clinic. This treatment is to remove unwanted pigmentation that occurs on the skin. Such types of pigmentations are sunspots, age spots, or freckles. You will get 3–6 sessions until you get the proper result from this treatment. 

The benefits that you will get from this treatment are as follows:  

Why should you Visit our Clinic for Treating Pigmentation?

At Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, we offer a seamless number of treatments for the benefit of our skin patients in Chennai. It is best recommended that pigmentation treatment should not be done at home. It is because the issues of pigmentation might get worse. 

We are the best professionals in skin treatment because: –  


It is said that pigmentation on the skin might take longer. It is compared to other concerns about your skin.  But now you know how it can be treated. A proper routine for skincare and facials for hyperpigmentation will make everything better for you.  When you join hands with us, we assure you that we will not only provide you with treatment but also give you proper assistance as a well-wisher. Our skin pigmentation laser treatment and other treatments come at a cost-friendly rate.

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