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Facial Hair Removal: Why Dermatologist-Administered Treatments Are Your Best Option?

Facial Hair Removal_ Why Dermatologist-Administered Treatments Are Your Best Option

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You are feeling fed up with the continuous cycle of shaving, waxing, or plucking. You are also looking for an alternative solution. And it should be long-lasting as well. Then the better option for you is opting for laser treatment for the removal of your facial hair. Unwanted facial hair is a common problem for every person. It affects their confidence and self-esteem.  


Traditional methods of hair removal often have various disadvantages. The drawbacks are regrowth, pain and risk of irritation on the skin. Fortunately, facilities in cosmetic dermatology have led to the techniques of laser hair removal. It provides a more effective and convenient solution. In this blog, we will learn more about laser treatment facial hair. Along with that, we will also learn about its suitability, effectiveness, advantages and many more.

Comprehensive Definition of the Concept of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a type of cosmetic procedure. The procedure is completely non-invasive. Concentrated light beams are involved in this procedure. It is used to aim and eliminate the hair follicles beneath the surface of the skin. The process involves the growth of your hair over time. Thus, it makes a solution that is semi-permanent for the unwanted hair on your specific body part.  


The technology of laser hair removal functions on the principle of selective photo thermolysis. In this process, a laser is emitted to make an exact target to the wavelength of light. It then gets absorbed by the pigment called melanin. That too within the follicles of hair. This controlled application of extreme heat causes disturbance. It causes an effective disturbance in the follicles. It prevents the growth of hair in the future. Making sure that the surrounding portion of the skin does not get affected. 

How does Laser Hair Removal Different from other Methods of Removal of Hair

Laser hair removal is different from other methods because its approach is unique. It also has several other benefits. Shaving, plucking and waxing can be painful. And they need maintenance frequently. But on the other hand, laser hair removal is comparatively painless. It offers a long-lasting solution for hair removal.  


Moreover, laser hair removal is immensely accurate. It ensures that it only affects the intended follicles of hair gets effects. This precision decreases the risk of irritation. It also reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding portion of the skin. Over time, patients may also witness an improvement in the complexion and texture of the skin. The improvement in the areas where it was treated. This makes a complete solution for laser hair removal. Especially for those who are looking for a more refined and smoother appearance.

Can we apply Laser Hair Removal on our Face?

A safe and effective solution for every individual looking for a hairless and flawless face is facial hair removal. However, its suitability depends on the type of hair and skin. It is ideal for those individuals who are looking for dark hair and smooth skin. However, due to advanced laser technology, it is possible to treat a wide range of hair and skin types.  


The specific areas on your face where the dermatologist applies laser hair removal are the chin, upper lip, jawline, and cheeks. These treatments can help people achieve a smooth complexion. It also decreases the need for continuous waxing or plucking. 

Process of Laser Hair Removal


Your journey begins with the consultation of a qualified dermatologist like Dr. Chithra. During this consultation session, the dermatologist will discuss your medical history, goal, type of skin and any other skin concerns, if any. We will evaluate whether you are eligible for laser hair removal treatment.  


Before the procedure, the dermatologist will provide you with some advice. You should not avoid sun exposure. You are advised not to shave, pluck or wax before the treatment.  

Skin Test

A small patch test might be performed by the dermatologist. It is to determine the reaction of your skin due to the laser. It assists in adjusting the settings for your particular hair colour and skin type. 

Treatment Session

On the day of treatment, you will be given protective eyewear. It is for the protection of your eyes from the laser. The dermatologist or the practitioner will use a hand-held device. It emits pulses of laser in the areas that are targeted. The melanin in the follicles of hair absorbs laser energy. Then it gets heated and damages the follicles.   


Most of the patients say that the sensation is a mere tingling or snappy feeling. It is generally tolerable. The practitioners of the dermatologist might use various techniques of cooling. It decreases discomfort.   

Multiple Session

Laser hair removal, especially for the face, is not just a one-time procedure. It might require many sessions. It is to target various stages of the effective growth of the hair. The multiple sessions depend on various factors. The factors can be the type of hair and skin. And the extended treatment area. The sessions are spaced within the interval of several weeks. It is to coincide with the cycle of hair growth. It allows for maximum reduction of hair.


After you have completed the initial sessions, you might need treatments. It is for maintenance. That too occasionally. It is to ensure that the result is long-lasting.


It is necessary to go for follow-up appointments with your dermatologist or practitioner. It is important to monitor your progress. And, to address any concerns

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Facial Hair

Laser hair removal is beneficial in several ways. The common benefits are as follows: –

These are the common benefits that you will get when opting for laser hair removal facial hair. But you should remember that individual experience might vary. You can have a consultation session with our dermatologist. It is necessary for customized advice and planning for treatment.  

Maintenance and Aftercare

After each session, the following instructions are essential for post-treatment care:  

Consideration and Possible Risks


Laser hair removal of facial hair has created a revolution in the process we approach unwanted hair on the face. It is a convenient alternative as its results are long-lasting. It also offers less discomfort. It can be said that it is a better alternative than the traditional methods of hair removal.   


So, join us to take the first step towards hairless and smoother skin. Schedule an appointment with our licensed and professional dermatologist, Dr. Chithra. Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, it is one of the most respected clinics in Chennai.

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