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Botox Injections for Under Eyes: All You Need to Know About

Botox Injections for Under Eyes_ All You Need to Know About

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The most expressive part of the face or the entire body is the face. It is that body part where the signs of aging are visible mostly. Dynamic wrinkles can form under or around your eyes. These may be due to facial expressions like laughing or smiling. It can also be caused due to squinting. Some patients look forward to removing these signs of ageing. For them, under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet can cause distress. Most patients have the impression of visiting a plastic surgeon to treat under-eye creases. However, there are many non-surgical treatments like Botox for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  


Botox is an abbreviation of the chemical named Botulinum Toxin. It is mainly used for the treatment of certain cosmetic concerns. For instance, wrinkles between eyebrows and forehead. Botox is an effective and safe anti-wrinkle treatment. It helps to provide the patients with youthful and smooth skin. That too without the need for downtime. Botox is performed easily and swiftly. It is also said that it is a lunchtime procedure. That means you can also do it during your lunchtime in your office. In this article, we will explore all about Botox under eyes treatment. We will also study its usage, effectiveness, and benefits. This article will also cover how Botox is beneficial for under-eye bags and dark circles. 

Botox: Definition and Concept

Botox is an injectable treatment that is used to fight the natural process of ageing. It smooths out wrinkles and fine lines. The injection is comprised of active ingredients type A of botulinum toxin. It is a neurotoxin. It blocks the signals from the muscles to the brain. The process works for freezing the muscles crucially. It keeps it from contracting. Which in turn, works out dynamic wrinkles smoothly.   


Botox treatment is also used to treat certain medical conditions like cervical dystonia. It is characterized by muscle spasms in the neck. It is also called blepharospasms. It is characterized by uncontrolled twitching of the eyes. It is also characterized by hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).  


Botox was first approved specifically in 2002 for the treatment of cosmetic purposes like crow’s feet. It is the lines appearing on the eyes’ sides. It is when you smile, squint or have frown lines. They are the vertical lines appearing between the eyebrows. It is when furrowing the frowning or brows. And the forehead lines. They are the horizontal lines appearing on the forehead. Botox is an extremely wonderful procedure. It works for fighting wrinkles wonderfully. And it does not require downtime or plastic surgery.  

Possibilities of Getting Botox:

Under Eyes

While Botox has been approved by the FDA specifically. It is to treat wrinkles at the corner of the eyes. However, it has not been approved for the treatment of under-eye creases. Or for lower eyelid treatment. However, for dynamic wrinkles appearing in the area, Botox can be used under the eyes. But only in small quantities. It is used as an ‘off-label’ in the treatment. That means it can be used to treat that area on the face which is not yet approved. Or haven’t been studied extensively. For using the procedure as ‘off label’ it is crucial to appoint a certified dermatologist.   


No. Of units:  

However, the number of units varies according to the patient’s requirements and concerns. But when it is treated under the yes, it typically takes around 2 units of Botox. The quantity is small because of the smaller area of the body. 

Around Eyes

If you are wondering whether Botox works around the eyes or not. The answer is affirmative. Botox injection is an approved treatment, especially for conditions like crow’s feet. They are the wrinkles that are found around the corner of the eyes. As the eyes are a highly expressive part of the face, the muscles around the eyes make contractions most often. It is to make various types of facial expressions. Which includes laughing, smiling, and squinting.   


No. Of units:  

When it comes to the treatment of dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, the number of Botox units depends on the scope and size of the area to be treated. Patients whose wrinkles are deeper may need more units of wrinkles. It is much more compared to the ones who have slight creases and fine lines. For treating creases around the eyes, patients can expect 6 to 8 units of Botox.

Under Eye Bags

When we say bags under the eyes, we are referring to hollows or dark circles under the eyes. While Botox for under-eye bags and wrinkles is a great treatment. They are caused by repeated contraction of muscles. However, it is not the best treatment for under-eye bags.

Advantages of Botox Injections for Under Eyes

Decreases Lines and Wrinkles

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment. It aims for the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles. Especially when that occurs under the eyes. It works by paralyzing the facial muscles temporarily. It prevents them from the creation and contraction of dynamic wrinkles. It helps in decreasing the appearance of existing wrinkles appearances. It also minimizes fine lines. It also helps in prevention of new ones forming.  


This aesthetic procedure can also be used in the reduction of glabellar lines and frown lines appearances. They are the two most common types of facial wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by the repeated contraction of muscles. Especially during squinting or frowning. Botox can also help in the relaxation of muscles. Especially that causes wrinkles. It results in a younger and smoother appearance. Along with that, it can also be used for cosmetic purposes. It is for the improvement of facial features. For instance, the creation of a more symmetrical look. Or lifting eyebrows. 

Avoids Sagginess and Leaves a Tighter Skin

Botox injections can help in the reduction of droopy eyelids. A qualified dermatologist can help in the administration of injections. It is for targeting specific areas of muscle weakness. Such as the around the eyes. It also helps in reducing the loss of volume in that area. Along with that, eye creams can also be used alongside the Botox treatment. It is for enhancing further results. It is used to target the weakness of the muscles. The injection can help in tightening the skin around the eyes. Thus, it further reduces the droopiness.

Enhances Upon Dark Circles

Botox helps with forehead wrinkles and facial lines that are caused by ageing and sun damage. Apart from that, it also works as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes. It can also help in the improvement of these circles. They are caused by the poor flow of blood in that area and lack of proper sleep. By aiming at the weakness of the muscles, Botox can help in tightening the skin around the eyes. It decreases droopiness. It results in a more refreshed and younger looking facial skin and eyes. Hence, Botox for dark circles is also a helpful treatment for your eyes.   


The close bond between puffiness and under-eye circles is also associated with hyaluronic acid and loss of collagen. Especially in the underlying area of fat. Many people have been compared to those injured looking. Or dark blue looking when it is held against a source of light. By restoration of these important elements, the structure of supply is maintained. It results in a few degrees of paleness with each session of injection.

Non-Invasive Procedure with Less Side Effects or Risks

Other aesthetic treatments like laser treatment, chemical peels and dermal fillers can also be used for the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. However, these treatment plans come with a higher risk of complications and side effects. Botox is a non-invasive procedure with very little risk. It has only one common side effect is the temporary injury at the site of injections. And minor numbness in the eyes. It usually gets resolved within a few days.  


This treatment is so effective that it has very little downtime. That means it has the risk of damage to deep tissue. Or the risk of scarring that is associated with a cosmetic procedure. Examples of such cosmetic procedures include hyaluronic acid fillers and treatments of laser resurfacing.

Reduction of Under Eye Bags within Less Time

It is a great way of reducing the appearance of under-eye bags. The procedure is easy and quick. It results in visibility within a few hours. It is crucial to ensure that an experienced dermatologist is administered for this treatment. As this will decrease any side effects or risks.   


Along with that, it is recommended to get plenty of rest. You are also suggested to use ice packs after the treatment. It is for the reduction of injury or swelling. With proper maintenance and care, Botox can help in the achievement of a younger look. And that is by under-eye bags appearance reduction. It will be reduced within a few hours.

Long-term Results Possibility after Stopping Your Injections

While Botox for under the eyes is used at an off level, most of the dermatologists, including our Dr Chithra ThenRamasamy from Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, have experienced positive results. Sky Skin and Laser Clinic is a renowned aesthetic clinic in Chennai.   


The Botox injections used in treatment help tighten the skin layers around the eyes. It results in a more refreshed and younger look. With regular follow-up injections for Botox treatments, patients might experience long-term results. And that is after they stop receiving injections. 


If you are looking for an effective and safe method for decreasing the appearance of eye wrinkles. Along with that, the appearance of relaxation of eyelid muscles, and under eye-bags. If so, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Chithra. She is a certified dermatologist and an expertise in the removal of moles and warts, treatment of acne, pimples and scars, clinical dermatology, PRP, and many other treatments relating to anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. To join us for consultation, visit us at Sky Skin and Laser Clinic. You can also contact us for any inquiries

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