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Glowing from Within: How Skin Lightening Treatments Improve Overall Skin Health?

Glowing from Within_ How Skin Lightening Treatments Improve Overall Skin Health

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It is a common question that is arising in everyone’s mind whether skin lightening and brightening are the same.¬†Glowing and radiant skin is everyone‚Äôs desire. Getting a more uniform and even skin tone with minimal dark spots. It can be achieved using certain products aimed at skincare. Despite the common purpose, strategies and ingredients of skin lightening and brightening differ. It is for glowing and clear skin. As with most cosmetic products. They are often used interchangeably. Either of the three terms is used in the market products interchangeably. It is because there is an overlapping of significance. ¬†


But there is no regulation or standardization. As with most cosmetic products. Skin lightening treatment has received an overwhelming response in India. It is the best solution for tanning the skin. The prime cause of it is due to excessive exposure to the sun. But the sad part is most people do not use sunscreens. At least to protect themselves from the Sun. Let us explore this blog to understand more about skin-lightening treatments, their usage, types and some tips to follow before and after the treatment.  

Definition and Concept of Skin Lightening 

Skin lightening targets pigmentation specifically. This section might consist of treatments for skin lightening. It is aimed at bleaching or whitening of the skin. Targeting of pigmentation minimization overall. It is to make the look whiter. To use any of the whitening or bleaching treatments, you need proper physician supervision and prescription medications. You can also visit our professional skin clinic in Chennai for any type of skin-related consultation. Or else, you might face severe harm if you do not follow the procedure. Hydroquinone drugs and off-market particular chemicals can cause extreme harm.   


For using of cosmetics and general beauty, aiming at pigmentation is advisable. It is to diminish the looks of photodamage, age spots, scars, melasma, and post-inflammatory pigmentation. This is where the overlapping between lightning and brightening takes place. Aiming at skin tone evenness and discoloration can be achieved. It can be achieved with the help of ingredients like retinol and Vitamin C. Both ingredients will fall under the section of agents of skin brightening. The section is based on their activity. They are similar. Whether pit lightning or brightening. Ultimately, if you are looking for glowing and radiant skin with fewer spots, scars, and marks. You need to opt for a strategy that does everything.

Categories of Skin Lightening Treatments

Chemical Peel

You might have guessed that skin lightening treatment can work by peeling off the layer of the skin. A dermatologist will apply a chemical like alpha-hydroxy acids on the portion of your skin that is affected. It eliminates the growth of melanin. It helps in achieving even colored skin.¬†There are three types of peels ‚Äď medium, light and deep. The names are based on the depth of the chemical that penetrates through the skin. The type of peel will be chosen based on the extremity of the condition of the pigmentation.

Laser Treatment

In this treatment, the dermatologist will use the heat from the laser. It is for damaging the cells that create melanin. It can also eliminate the layer of the skin. It is the pigmented outer layer of the skin. This treatment is suitable to remove dark patches and blemishes on your skin. Though it is much more effective than any other treatment. It does not react similarly to most other skin types. So, the dermatologist will perform many tests to check if the treatment is suitable for that skin type

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

At Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, we offer an effective laser peel treatment. This treatment has less downtime and is painless. It is very advantageous for people with blackheads and oily skin. It is also very beneficial for those who have dull skin and facial acne. Our dermatologist will apply a layer of liquid carbon on the skin. It is where deep penetration takes place within the pores.

Natural Skin Lightening Treatment

Skin brighteners can work naturally in many ways. Depending on the extent of the effects of your desire and the type of skin, you might require something else. It is a skin-lightening procedure or treatment through prescriptions. That too in our clinic. We will focus more on the natural options by keeping out of tretinoin and hydroquinone. If you want a brightening serum to tackle hyperpigmentation, Check for the following ingredients: 

L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin-C)

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to control the damage to your skin by environmental pollution and UV rays. Along with that, it assists in protecting your skin from possible harm. It also contributes to the biosynthesis of collagen. It is to keep your skin thicker, firmer and more elastic. According to various research, Vitamin C helps in the reduction of hyperpigmentation. It reduces by blocking the Tyrosinase. It is the enzyme that promotes the growth of melanin. 

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

They are chemical exfoliants. They are popularly known as AHAs and BHAs. Using mechanical or chemical exfoliants brightens skin in many ways. It leaves the skin in a smoother and more radiant glow. It also helps to prepare the skin for receiving better and more ingredients. That too of an active nature. Chemical exfoliation can be used. It can be used with products like creams and toners. It can be more drastic than chemical peels. Alpha hydroxy acid, especially glycolic, also works. It directly lightens the areas of hyperpigmentation. This is due to the depth of the skin it penetrates. And how it stimulates the turnover of the cell. Plus, glycolic acid destroys the connection between skin cells and melanin. It results in more even-toned skin. You can use lactic acid if glycolic acid is too strong for you.

Willow Bark

It is the most popular natural ingredient used for skin brightening. It consists of phytochemicals. It is a predecessor to salicylic acid. It is a type of BHA. It helps in brightening the skin. It brightens through its effects on acne, cell turnover and exfoliating chemicals.

Polyhydroxy Acid

PHAs also need attention. Ingredients like lactobionic and gluconolactone are still effective for the brightening of the skin. They are effective mostly due to their ability to hydrate. They are better and tolerated more than AHAs and BHAs. Especially for those people who have sensitive skin. 

Kojic Acid

It is an antioxidant that promotes the reduction of melanin. It is through the inhibition of pathways of tyrosine kinase. It leads to the lightening of the skin. It is produced by the fermentation of rice wines. It is unstable chemically. It is oxidized by sunlight or oxygen exposure easily. It is regarded as safe in the 1% or less concentration. It is very irritating at the higher levels. Using it for long periods can make your skin open to burns. It is said that the chemical might cause cancer. Though there is poor evidence behind it.


It overcomes the activity of melanin in the skin. It is through tyrosine kinase. It will help improve the areas that caused hyperpigmentation due to the sun’s damage. It is also anti-inflammatory. It helps to diminish scars. Its compound is derived from plants naturally. It is related to hydroquinone structurally. Sources include cranberry, blueberry, bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) and pears. Although it is not as effective as prescriptive hydroquinone. It is also less risky. It is also a natural alternative. Especially for those who want to opt for a natural method of skin brightening.

Why Should you Visit us for Skin Lightening Treatments?

At Sky Skin and Laser Clinic, we do not just provide treatments for hair and skin. We also provide all the necessary help that is required for a skin patient. Because we believe in the overall health of our patients.    


Here is the checklist that we as medical service providers and patients need to undergo before any treatment:


You are looking forward to lighting the tone of your skin. Or you are looking for smoother and more even-toned skin. Then skin lightening treatment is the best option for you. Most of the treatments mentioned in this article are very safe.   


But when it comes to us, we are one of the most prominent service providers of skin-lightening treatment in Chennai. For any kind of enquiries related to hair, skin or laser treatment. You can visit our clinic. You can also call us for any suggestions or consultation regarding any of your skin issues.

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